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CFPB taking complaints against Student Loan Debt Relief Services

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau taking complaints from consumers having problems with third-party “debt … [Read More...]


Homebuyer Debt-to-Income Ratios No. 1 Factor in Approval

A new survey by FICO, the most popular credit scoring system, says the top reason homebuyers get denied is due … [Read More...]


Top Factors Keeping your Credit Score Low

Have you ever received a denial of credit letter with reason codes you did not quite understand? If so, you … [Read More...]


How to determine if an account has been Re-aged

Question: Hi Lisa, I love your web page. I am concerned.  I have 1-2 creditors that continue to re-age old … [Read More...]


What is Debt Validation: Make debt collectors provide proof

A debt collector contacts you regarding a debt. How do you know this is your debt and that you actually owe … [Read More...]


9 Facts Debt Collectors Hope You Don’t Know

Dealing with a debt collector is rarely a fun thing to do. It can be a challenge having to deal with unpaid … [Read More...]


Why did old collections that were removed from report reappear

Question: I recently had old collections removed from credit report I just check my credit report the … [Read More...]


5 Incredibly Simple Actions to Raise Credit Scores

You know raising your credit score will improve your financial outlook but taking action can be a challenge. … [Read More...]


How to get your free credit reports from the 3 major bureaus

Being aware of the information in your credit reports is a huge step in the right direction. Positive and … [Read More...]

Credit Score Concept

Raise credit scores by using less of your available credit limit

One way to raise credit scores is by using less of your available credit. The credit scoring system rewards … [Read More...]

Can you be sued for old credit card debt?

Question: If I have a credit card debt that is past due and I have not made any payments nor responded to any … [Read More...]


CFPB Orders Payday Lender ACE Cash Express To Pay $10 Million

Studies have shown that most payday loan borrowers get stuck in revolving door of debt. But a recent … [Read More...]


Children make good targets for identity thieves

Your child’s identity may be at risk. Unfortunately children make good targets for identity thieves because … [Read More...]


8 Reasons your Check may have been Denied by Telecheck

Question: I have tried to buy groceries 3 times and been turned down 3 times by Telecheck. I called Telecheck … [Read More...]


Avoid being a victim of Phantom Debt

If you have ever been contacted by a debt collector regarding a debt you are sure is not owed, you are not … [Read More...]


How to start 2015 with Better Credit Scores

It’s July 4th and time to celebrate this nation’s independence. Good credit scores help you have financial … [Read More...]


Credit Card for Students with Cash Back Rewards

College students can enjoy a 5% Cashback Bonus in categories that change throughout the year like gas, … [Read More...]


3 Simple Ways to Add Good Credit to Credit Reports

Your credit report reflects the ability to manage debt and handle credit responsibly. If only negative … [Read More...]

how to repair credit

How to Repair Credit: A Guide to Improve Credit Scores

A Guide to Improve Credit Scores   Just the thought of looking at your credit reports may make you … [Read More...]

GE Capital Retail Bank

GE Capital to refund $225 million for illegal credit card practices

The Justice Department along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced an agreement for GE … [Read More...]


6 Must Know Facts About Buying a Home

Buying a home will probably be the most exciting yet agonizing time of your life. The process should not scare … [Read More...]

Loan word on whiteboard

Where to get a personal, business or auto loan with bad credit

One of the top questions we get on this website is “where can I get a loan with bad credit?” The economy is … [Read More...]


Why Closing Old Credit Accounts puts your Credit Score at Risk

Consumers with lengthy credit histories can often have over 20 or more credit accounts on their credit … [Read More...]


Monthly Free Real FICO Scores available to some Consumers

Consumers are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months from each of the three major credit bureaus but … [Read More...]


Court Rules Debt Collectors could be Fined $1,500 for every call

Debt collection is often performed by a company that purchases a consumer’s debt from a creditor or debt … [Read More...]